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Cyberbooth #234
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Zip Snow Chain Connector
Category: Automotive

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Problem To Be Solved:

When tire (snow) chains are needed for a vehicle, weather conditions are usually at their worst with extremely cold temperatures, often accompanied by winds, snowing, and icy roads.

The normal procedure for installing snow chains requires that the vehicle be rolled onto the chains. This may require that the person installing the chains lay down on the cold, wet ground, which is covered by snow on the shoulder of a busy roadside. Under harsh environmental conditions, this can be very dangerous and may injure, crush or even kill the installer. Crushed fingers and feet are common accidents when applying snow chains due to cars unexpectedly rolling a few inches at the wrong time.

Installing standard show chains is also a time consuming, cumbersome, and generally unpleasant experience that requires getting in and out of the vehicle three times to complete the entire process. First the driver must get out of the vehicle, and the snow chains must usually be laid out flat on the ground in front of, or behind each tire. Then the driver needs to get back into the vehicle and drive right onto the center of the chains. Next, the driver has to get out of the vehicle to manually drape the chains up and around the tire, holding the heavy chains together with one hand while connecting the ends together on the inside and outside of the tire. Finally, the driver has to get back into the vehicle to adjust the chains which requires driving for about 1/4 mile, then getting out again to check the chains, and adjusting them if they are too loose. Some chains are hard to adjust or cannot be adjusted at all.

Most snow chain connectors utilize either two clips, a metal belt-type connector, or require tying a knot, which can come apart. Since gloves are usually necessary to put on the snowchains, connecting the snow chains is made more difficult since the gloves restrict the use of one's fingers and greatly reduce a person's dexterity.

Zip Snow Chain Connector Features And Benefits:

The Zip Snow Chain Connector is a superior snow chain connector system that enables a person to quickly, safely, and securely install, operate and remove a set of tire chains on a vehicle regardless of adverse conditions - without moving the vehicle and on the first time the driver gets out of the vehicle.

The Zip Snow Chain Connector reduces the installation time from 10 minutes to 1 minute per tire and works with gravity, requiring minimum physical strength to put on snow chains. This enables any individual to effortlessly install the snow chains - whether male or female, young or old.

The Zip Snow Chain Connector eliminates the need to jack a vehicle off the ground, or roll the car onto the chains, dramatically increasing the overall safety of the installation process. The snow chains are simply draped over the top of the tires, hanging down to the ground on each side. Then the driver reaches behind the wheel to secure the inside safety clip. Next, the primary tensioning system is located on the outside of the wheel and utilizes a pulley-type tension system to help connect the ends of the chains at the bottom, with a flexible arm that extends across to the top of the tire and is fastened with a clip.

Once the snow chains are installed, there is no need to stop and manually check or tighten the chains after they've been installed because the Zip Snow Chain Connector is automatically self-adjusting.

The Zip Snow Chain Connector automatically tightens, self-adjusts and cinches the chains as the driver drives away, continually seeking to self center the chains on the tire, uniformly distributing the weight around the tire, and maintaining tension while driving. This improves the spinning balance and enables higher speeds with smoother operation with a reduction of vibration, which are usually caused by an imbalanced system.

Major advantages include:

  • Quick, the Zip Snow Chain Connector reduces the time it takes to put snow chains on a vehicle from 10 minutes per tire down to 1 minute.
  • Efficient, the whole process of installing snow chains is completed on the first time that the driver gets out of the vehicle, with just one visit to the front or back tires.
  • Effortless, the design of the Zip Snow Chain Connector multiplies the strength of the installer to easily connect the outside ends of the chains.
  • The snow chains can be put on without wearing gloves, making the installation more efficient with minimum resistance and no knots to tie, or clips to fasten together.
  • After the snow chains are installed, the Zip Snow Chain Connector automatically tightens, self-adjusts and cinches the chains as the driver drives away.
  • Snow chains can be removed in 10 seconds.

Note: Practice makes perfect. As with other snow chains, it is recommended that the driver prepare in advance by learning and practicing how to use the Zip Snow Chain Connector, in order to be able to quickly put on the snow chains.

Target market:

Three quarters of residents in the U.S. live in areas where it snows.
The skiing market.

Note: Product is patented.

Inventor is seeking:

Offering licensing rights to a manufacturer of snow chains to manufacture, sell and distribute the Zip Snow Chain Connector.

The Zip Snow Chain Connector is designed to be manufactured right onto the ends of existing tire chains (both chain and cable). It can be manufactured from commonly available materials and is a superior product that would give a snow chain manufacturer the competitive leading edge in the marketplace.

Note: Product is patented.

Contact information
Contact: Frank Snyder Title: Inventor/Patent Owner
Address: 7400 Willow Creek Dr. #18 Citrus Heights, CA 95610
Phone: 916 965-4458
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