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Cyberbooth #235
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Bottoms Up Shower Caddy/Dispenser
Category: Household

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Shower Caddy/Dispenser
Unique features & benefits:

Shower/tub designs vary widely depending on the building's construction date and builder's budget, and usually have inadequate space for shower accessories. Many older shower/tubs only have a built-in soap dish with a single ledge on the back of the bathtub to hold shower items. Newer shower/tubs often have additional surface areas built into the acrylic/plastic shower wall design, yet they are often inconvenient to use.

A variety of shower caddies help solve this problem, but since most can only be hung from the shower head, only one caddy can be utilized in the shower, and accommodate a limited amount of items.

The "Bottoms Up Shower Caddy/Dispenser" is a hold-all shower caddy with two functions. It works as a shower caddy that gives the user maximum convenience and flexibility because it can be instantly placed at any spot on the shower wall or sliding glass door with sturdy suction cups, at whatever height or whichever shower wall is most convenient.

It is also a shampoo/conditioner dispenser. The bottles are placed upside down in the "Bottoms Up" caddy, making it easy for flip-top bottles to dispense shampoo or conditioner without removing the bottle from the caddy - simply pull down the flip-top and squeeze the bottle to pour the solution into the palm of the hand.

The "Bottoms Up" Shower Caddy/Dispenser comes in two versions. The "Economy Version" holds one bottle of shampoo/conditioner with a razor and a toothbrush. The "Deluxe Version" holds two bottles of shampoo/conditioner and includes a spot for a razor, a toothbrush, soap, and 2 hooks to hang a washcloth and mesh scrubber.

It can be used to supplement existing shower caddies, and multiple units can be arranged anywhere on the shower walls to accommodate the accessories of several individual family members.

The ease of dispensing liquids and the ability to position the caddy at the most convenient location makes the Bottoms Up Shower Caddy/Dispenser especially suited to seniors as well as individuals with arthritis or other physical impairments.

Benefits include:

  • heavy duty suction cups hold the Bottoms Up caddy securely on ceramic tile, plastic, fiberglass, or glass surfaces
  • the caddy can be hung at any height and location on the shower walls or sliding glass doors
  • all items drain and dry, so there's no mildew build-up as a result of water deposits
  • all items are at one's fingertips, positioned by choice where it's easiest to reach them, and eliminate fumbling around in the shower, or climbing out of the tub while dripping wet to get needed accessories that normally don't fit in the shower
  • durable
  • suction cups make it easy to remove and immediately relocate the caddy at any spot without any screws or other hardware
  • caddy is inexpensive

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Target market:


Inventor is seeking:


Contact information
Contact: Johnny Sheppard Title: Inventor/Patent Holder
Address: 2960 Dacusville Highway Easley, SC 29640
Phone: 864-859-0066
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