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Cyberbooth #360
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Frame E-Z Tools
Category: Industrial (DIY & Construction)

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Frame E-Z Tools TM - Family of Products

Frame E-Z ToolsTM develops "short cut tools" that create efficient methods for building industry professionals and do-it-yourselfers (DIY) groups. The products are designed to be virtually “hands free”, saving countless of hours, money and jobsite materials for the industry professional. Frame E-Z’s products save training time, creating a much simpler way to build, with increased accuracy and overall productivity on the jobsite!

Frame E-Z serves a few specialty markets as well. The Insulated Concrete Form Industry (ICF), and the Tile/Clay Industry. Now, general construction tasks can be accomplished by the industry pro and week-end warrior- DIY’er! .

Designed by a construction professional you have the guarantee the Frame E-Z ToolsTM product line will outlast and outperform any other leading product currently on the market.

1) THE PRECISION-T [patent pending]

The Precison-T is the ideal carpenter's tool providing solutions for do-it-yourselfers and professionals alike. The "ready to use" tool is designed to be the tool you need for every project. There is no more measuring required because of the Precision-T’s unique patented 16" and 24" spacing design.

Precision-T is the only drywall square on the market with a patent pending finger guard feature for your safety. Precision-T easily transforms from one tool to the next in a snap! It comes in a durable, impact resistant PVC tube with caps to last a lifetime. It’s great for the contractor in a hurry and is gender friendly. Precision-T is obviously the ideal tool solution to get the job done quickly and hassle free!

Use the Quality Precision-T in different configurations to do any or all of these:
  • Drywall Square with 1" Finger Guard
  • 3 1/2 Bolt Hole Transfer
  • 24" Center Lay-out Jig
  • Torpedo Level
  • 4" Saw Guide
  • 16" Center Lay-out jig
  • 4" Carpenters Square
  • 4" Level
  • 5-1/2" Bolt Hole Transfer
  • 4" Straight Edge
  • 2) BRACE E-Z [patent pending]

    The Brace E-Z brace is designed for window and door openings in Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) building projects. This allows you to accurately plumb, level and brace a window or door buck in minutes!

    Brace E-Z folds flat [42 x 4 x 1] for easy transport. They are made of lightweight aircraft aluminum. The Brace E-Z brace eliminates wood bracing saving you time and money! It can also be used as four separate adjustable braces.

    *Crews using Brace-EZ typically saved 6 to 13 man hours per home More than 500 linear feet of lumber can be saved per home. Reusable and easy to install.

    3) RAT RUNNERS [patent pending]

    Ratrunners are designed to allow you to set trusses virtually hands free! This product is ideal for room additions, garages etc…wherever a crane is not used.

    Ratrunners unique design spaces and securely braces the trusses accurately on 24" centers without measuring. Ratrunners are reusable or they can be installed permanently. They are easily cut with tin snips to fit any size and allow you to set trusses anywhere along their length. Ratrunners are made out of 24 gauge galvanized metal. They are 10 feet long and come in bundles of 10 for your convenience.

    • Time savings of 2 to 5 hours per roof
    • 200-300 linear feet of lumber saved per roof
    • cost less than wood
    • always straight, always strong
    • reusable
    • *Tested with several non-profit groups- (very easy to use)

    Precision-T Product Reviews:

    The Precision-T is a "ready to use" multi-purpose tool for foolproof layout of studs with a unique patented design for spacing and centering. The Precision T replaces about seven commonly used tools, making it similar to the "Swiss Army knife" for the construction industry. While it incorporates a level, extra large square, T Square, it can also be used as a straight edge with safety finger-guard feature and as a saw guide. It can be used both horizontally and vertically to check level and plumb, and works exceptionally well for tile setting and layout. The spacing tabs are pre-tabbed for 16" and 24" on center layout, which eliminates any measuring for spacing of studs. Simply pull out the tabs and make your markings.
    -Jobsite, July/August 2003

    The Manufacturer calls it the Swiss Army Knife of layout tools. It has almost as many functions but, sadly, no bottle opener. The Precision T is a 48", aluminum straightedge with fold-out tabs for laying out plates. The 1 1/2 inch-wide tabs give the correct layout for both 16- and 24-inch on center spacing. When the 24-inch removable leg is secured to the straight-edge, the tool can be converted into a 4-foot, L-shaped framing square on a T-shaped drywall square. The removable leg can even transfer anchor bolt locations to mud sills. Finally, a removable vial insert changes the straightedge into a 4-foot spirit level.
    -The Journal of Light Construction, July 2003

    * Note: Additional products in development.

    Target market:

    Construction industry and home improvement do-it-yourselfers (DIY).
    ICF (Insulated Concrete Form Industry) over 50,000 new starts are predicted by 2010.

    Inventor is seeking:

    Licensees for the family of products, or any one/combination of products.

    Contact information
    Contact: Mark Orton- President and CEO Title: Inventor
    Organization: Frame E-Z Tools, LLC
    Address: P.O. Box 192 Mimbres, NM 88049
    Phone: 505-536-9411
    Homepage: Cyber-booth:
    Official web site:
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