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Cyberbooth #401
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Catalog-Ready Manufactured Products
By Robert Schrank
Category: Great Gadgets, Household, Personal Care, Home and Garden, Automotive

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These products are manufactured and ready to be shipped. Please contact Robert Schrank for further information.

Weed-E-Ter - Home and Garden

Gardening can be back breaking work when weeds have to be pulled by hand. The "Weed-E-Ter" is an easy-to-use tool that quickly pulls out the weeds while standing up. Use it manually, or attach it to a cordless drill and let it whirl right down to the roots. The Weed-e-ter rolls up the weeds on the end of the fork, so all you have to do is remove the weed and put it in a basket. The long shaft will enable you to have a weed-free garden or lawn without laborious bending or kneeling.

Stop-Creak - Household

Do creaking floor boards make your home feel like a haunted mansion? Squeaks in wood floors are common and are usually due to loose nails which slide up and down on the sub flooring. "Stop-Creak" is an easy to use tool that works to fix floor boards, under the carpet and pad. There is no need to hire a professional to tear up the carpet, fix it, and then re-stretch the carpet. Stop-Creak works through carpet and padding, and you are told how to locate the floor joist. Then you push the sharp tube through the carpet and pad and drop a provided 8d finishing nail in it. You use the punch included and a hammer [not included] to drive the nail. You won't see or feel where the repair was made.

Car Stopper - Automotive After-market

When returning home and parking your car in the garage, do you nervously inch your way into the garage to avoid hitting the back of the garage. The "Car Stopper" is the solution to let you know exactly where you need to stop. You simply secure it in place according to where you want to stop inside the garage, and it's a permanent guide whenever you pull into the garage. Yet it pops right off if you ever want to remove it.

Tube Twister - Household

The "Tube Twister" is a simple to use item that lets you roll up the tube as you use it. You use the special designed head to lock it in place so the tube doesn't unwind. It works with any tube and comes in a package of six in three different sizes. Has a 2 year-plus successful proven track record in the selling of the Tube Twister.

Please feel to contact Mr. Schrank about seeing samples, or getting product sheets. These products are patented or patent pending and are available for wholesale purchase. Some of these products would also make great advertising specialty items with plenty of room for logos or company information.

Bob Schrank is a product developer with a variety of products that fit mail order, catalog companies, and TV shopping. Some of his products also fit in the advertising specialty area. Contact him directly to find out about his other products.

Target market:

Home owners with garages, gardeners, consumers.

Inventor is seeking:

Licensees. Catalog companies. Hardware stores.

Contact information

Contact: Robert Schrank Title: Inventor / Owner
Organization: RCS Enterprises
Address: 31021 Via Limon, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
Phone / Fax: 949 240-8802
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