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Cyberbooth #408
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Bliss Trips® Guided Journeys
Relaxation Audio CD Series

Category: Relaxation, Self Help, Meditation, Gifts and Novelties

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The Problem To Be Solved:

Research finds that stress is a leading cause of health problems in working adults, yet many people find it difficult to schedule time away to relax.

"My clients complain that the pace is faster and expectations are higher than they were in the past," says Kerstin Sjoquist, creator of Bliss Trips® audio relaxation series. "Add to that the general pressures of family life, and many of us end up putting off the very thing we know will benefit our mental and physical health."

Research shows that a short amount of meditative relaxation each day is beneficial in countering the effects of stress. The mind/body connection is so powerful that even imaginary scenarios affect the body. When it comes to stress relief, what's important is to consistently give yourself some personal down time.

How do Bliss Trips® help relieve stress?

Bliss Trips® are guided journeys designed to soothe your body, calm your mind, and free your spirit. They combine soothing narration and music to create relaxation, rejuvenation, and transformation. We call them a "mini-vacation for the mind!"

A guided journey is a bit like a daydream with a narrator acting as a tour guide. They are inner "story-experiences" that let you explore things in ways not possible in the material world. Bliss Trips guided journeys are creative and fun, deeply relaxing, and a bit whimsical.

How are Bliss Trips® different from other guided meditation products?

Bliss Trips® are different from other guided meditation products. While one can certainly enter a meditative space while Blissing, Bliss Trips® are not based on any particular spiritual tradition which makes them accessible to just about anyone.

Also, many other guided journey products focus on a particular problem and use the journey as a tool to fix it. Rather than focusing on a specific issue [i.e. lose weight, stop smoking, etc.], Bliss Trips® open to the bigger picture, allowing the body to relax and the mind to release worries and stress, which is the foundation for creating any kind of change or transformation in one's life.

Who can benefit from listening to Bliss Trips® Guided Journeys?

Anyone who wants to reduce stress and get a few moments for themselves during the day would benefit from listing to a Bliss Trip®. Bliss Trips® are an opportunity for a bit of peace and calm in an other wise hectic world. Bliss Trips® have even been used by 10-year-olds and 80-year-olds, and are both a wonderful self-care item, as well as a thoughtful and affirmative gift.

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How do Bliss Trips® differ from just listening to music to relax?

Bliss Trips® take you beyond just listening to music to relax. They remind you to take care of yourself, to create time for yourself to relax and let go of stresses and worries. They are also great for someone who has a hard time turning off the mental chatter; the story-experiences on each Bliss Trips CD are captivating and imaginative, and before you know it you'll find yourself calm and comfortable.

Do you need a special place for Bliss Trips® Guided Journeys?

Bliss Trips® can be done any place where you can get comfortable and close your eyes: a chair, your bed, the bath - even the bus! But we don't recommend using the CDs while driving or doing anything else that requires concentration.

About the Creator of the Bliss Trips® Guided Journeys

Bliss Trips® are conceived, written, and produced by Kerstin Sjoquist, a hypnotherapist with a practice in San Francisco. Kerstin has over 10 years experience leading workshops and classes utilizing techniques such as guided imagery, visualization, and affirmations.

Target market:

The Bliss Trips® audio CDs are a year-round product with a broad market. They are great items for sale in the gift arena i.e. in gift shops, candle stores, for gift baskets. It's a great item for spas. It's a wonderful back-of-the-room sales item for seminar speakers in the healing arts field.

Note: Product is copyrighted and trademarked.

Inventor is seeking:

Product is available for wholesale order. Looking for manufacturer's reps, distributors, or jobbers. Serious inquiries only.

Please contact for licensing rights for customized CDs. Please send the parameters of your projects and we'll get back to you to duscuss quotes or pricing.

Contact information

Product: Bliss Trips® Guided Journeys Booth: # 408
Contact: Kerstin Sjoquist Title: Creator
Organization: Consciousness Arts, Inc.
Address: n/a
Phone: n/a

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