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Cyberbooth #414
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Mirrored Oak Toilet Seat Lid
Category: Home and Garden, Personal Care

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The Problem To Be Solved:

It's common for home and public bathrooms to have a mirror. Whether the user is a man or a woman, mirrors are used for daily grooming tasks such as checking one's hair, combing one's hair, brushing or flossing one's teeth, washing one's face, putting on, touching up or taking off make-up, etc.

However, most mirrors are above the sink and only allow the user to see him/herself from the waist up. And mirrors on medicine cabinet doors are even smaller, enabling the user to only see him/herself from the neck up. Only luxurious large bathrooms have room for full length mirrors.

Yet there are many other needs for mirrors in the bathroom for checking on the lower section of the body, which are not handled by standard bathroom mirrors.

Mirrored Oak Toilet Seat Lid

The Mirrored Oak Toilet Seat Lid is a beautiful wood toilet seat and lid made of oak [or plexiglass] with a beautiful mirror surface on the top side of the toilet seat lid, and/or the inside of the toilet seat lid, which enables the user to check him/herself below the waist area.

Grooming Uses:

For women, The Mirrored Oak Toilet Seat Lid makes shaving the backs of their legs a much easier and safer task. During their monthly periods, women need to check their clothing to make sure that there are no stains. The Mirrored Oak Toilet Seat Lid allows women to easily check the back side of their slacks or dresses.

After bathroom use, men need to be able to quickly check whether they have zipped up their pants, and if their shirts are tucked in properly.

It's also useful for checking that pants haven't ripped at the back.

Medical Uses:

The Mirrored Oak Toilet Seat Lid is also useful for medical purposes for individuals with complications on the buttocks. For example, it makes it easy to check for hemorrhoids and to apply cream treatments. As well, it enables the easy application of medications or creams for men with complications in the groin area i.e. jock itch, as well as women's personal hygiene creams and medications.

The Mirrored Oak Toilet Seat Lid can be designed with a variety of beautiful patterns to enhance the beauty of the bathroom, as well as with a plain mirror.

It also makes a great conversation piece.

Target market:

Hospitals, fine restaurants, casinos, college dorms, new home construction, consumer homes, or just to beautify the bathroom in your home.

Note: Product is patent pending.

Inventor is seeking:

Licensee to make, manufacture, and distribute the product for royalties.

Contact information

Contact: Patrick Earl Price Title: Inventor
Organization: n/a
Address: P.O. Box 4582 Pensacola, FL 32507
Phone: 850 456-1577
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