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Just like the trade show, cyber-exhibits are entered into the awards nomination system and qualify to be judged by an independent panel of judges which has included some of the greatest inventors and industry leaders in the U.S. Past judges have included:

  • Dr. Paul MacCready, known as the father of human powered flight. He created the Gossamer Condor, and the General Motor's "Impact" electrical car prototype.
  • Stanley I. Mason, Jr., CEO of Simco, Inc., who develops many products for Fortune 500 comapnies (including the Granola Bar, the Squeezable Ketchup Bottle, etc.)
  • Donald Banner, the former U.S. Patent and Trademark Commissioner who started several key intellectual property organizations and is now a principal of a prestigious law firm in Washington D.C.

Award categories will be customized according to the products that are in the cyber-show, adding and deleting categories as necessary. Certificates of Awards have been presented to outstanding inventions at the Invention Convention® trade show in the following categories:
*Alternative Transportation*Automotive
*Best Exhibit*Building & Architecture
*Business & Office Products*Computers/Electronics
*Design Excellence*Energy
*Environmental Excellence*Food & Beverage
*Games & Toys*Home Improvement
*Honorable Mentions*Humanitarian
*Industrial Processes*Personal Care
*Marketing Excellence*Medical & Dental
*Safety & Health*Sports & Fitness
*Technical Exellence
Please note that cyber-exhibits must be registered by certain deadlines in order to be entered into the year's Awards Program.

The INVENTION CONNECTION® is the Official Cyberspace Show of WCIO/NCIO

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