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  • Question 4. Can you tell me about the free consulting program and how it works?

    2 Hours of One-on-One Tele-Consultations with Stephen Gnass

    An invaluable part of the cybershow is that it includes two hours of Tele-ConsultationsTM with Stephen Gnass for extensive strategic development, planning, and marketing guidance are included, along with unlimited "quick questions" for the duration of your cyberbooth.

    These one-on-one phone consultations with Stephen Gnass and unlimited Quick Questions that come with the cyber-booth are invaluable in guiding and steering you through the difficult process of launching a product.

    You'll be able to receive advice on any prospective contacts that inquire about your product, as well as Stephen can review contracts and agreements and give you his opinion and suggestions on what's right or what's wrong with them. This access to his expertise alone is worth the cost the cost of the program.

    Strategies for Launching Your New Product

    Mr. Gnass provides one-on-one custom-designed consulting for a variety of clients at different levels of the invention development process -- ranging from the early stages up until they've become fully developed products that are being mass produced and on the market with household name recognition.

    His one-on-one teleconsultations are customized according to each client's level of experience and understanding in order to meet their specific needs and objectives. He works directly with his clients to develop a personalized mix of marketing strategies which will help them leverage their available funding, time and energy to achieve results that simulate those of large, well-financed companies.

    If you have a patent, patent pending, and a prototype of your invention, Stephen's one-on-one teleconsultations will help you in developing a plan of action to introduce your product to qualified buyers, referred to as "VIPs" in your specific industry...whether sports, medical, electronics, foods, automotive, etc.

    He works with you through these one-on-one Confidential TeleConsultations[tm] to help you develop a strategy to launch your new product.

    • Developing a plan of action
    • How to do your own demographics to find interested buyers
    • How to properly present and position yourself and your product to interested buyers, media, etc...
    • How to do your own PR to get media coverage
    • How to conduct market research for pricing, product design, packaging, etc...
    • You'll learn techniques that will help you highlight the benefits of your new product to prospective investors, media, etc...
    • How to tie-in your marketing program with your participation at trade shows
    • You'll learn how to design, recruit and train your staff at trade shows to maximize your booth appeal

    Even if you've already done some work on launching your product, his teleconsultations are custom designed to assist you where you're stuck! His goal is to show you how to get the most benefits in the shortest timeframe possible and within your budget.

    See Testimonials for Stephen's Consulting
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    How the Program Works

    Once clients have been approved and signed up, they initially receive a package of materials which gives them specific information on how the program works, as well as step-by-step how-to techniques. Each of these programs includes a block of TeleConsultation[tm] time which can be utilized in increments of 15 minutes, in addition to "Unlimited Quick Questions" (questions that can be answered in a few minutes) throughout the year.

    Consultation procedures are similar to working with an attorney, with consultations performed by appointment, right over the telephone with our consultants. Through these consultations, we are able to personally coach and guide clients on an individual basis to help them meet their specific needs, and set clear, concise, goals and objectives.

    Any additional data is transmitted by e-mail, fax or if necessary delivered via mail or courier services. After each session, the amount of time is logged and deducted from the total designated time allotment of the client's program.

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