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Modeled after the INVENTION CONVENTION® trade show - the most prestigious new product and inventions showcase in North America, the INVENTION CONNECTION® Cyberspace Convention brings inventors, VIPs (investors, licensees, manufacturers, etc), the media and public together on the web to form a cyber-synergy found nowhere else.


Throughout the year, several hundred exhibitors from around the world unveil the latest inventions and technological breakthroughs in a wide range of product categories as well as stages of readiness for licensing, sale, distribution, marketing, investment, etc.


INVENTORS: Inventors can seed deals, get publicity exposure, test the market, and promote their product or concept at a professional and targeted cybershow.

VIPS, INVESTORS, LICENSEES, DISTRIBUTORS, ETC.: VIP trade can preview new products in a wide range of industries which are ready for early-stage commercialization involvement.

PUBLIC GUESTS: Public guests can preview unique new products and cyber-exhibits while providing vital product and market feedback to inventors.


Open year-round, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
New Invention Debuts feature the latest cyberbooths to be added each month.

WHERE: on the world wide web


How can I exhibit my invention? Click here to find out more!

The INVENTION CONNECTION® is the Official Cyberspace Show of WCIO/NCIO

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