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    Well, they're not necessarily good or bad - but the question is, are you listed on an untargeted or a dead site? Are you waiting, and wasting valuable time while being on a site that's not focused? Who's coming to their site, is their traffic the right traffic for your goals? If a site has a lot of traffic, is it targeted or just looky-loos?

    Our real strength is that we have a track record of over 12 years in marketing the Invention Convention® trade show to a very targeted audience of inventors and VIPs. In fact, about five years ago in spite of protests from our publicist, and even though this new direction would reduce our attendee count from about about 10,000 to under 7,000, we stopped promoting to the general public and made a decision to put all our promotional budget on promoting intensely to a targeted market of inventors and VIPs. This turned out to be the right decision as it increased the quality of the attendance to the Invention Convention® trade show. This is the same direction that we're taking for Invention Connection® in cyberspace. Our interest in traffic is quality, not quantity.

    In summary, what good is a free web site or free listing if it doesn't have the right targeted traffic or a way to bring them to your site ie. using the Invention Connection as a directory listing. Without this, a free or a low cost web site or listing may be worth just what it costs - nothing.


    Then you can utilize your Invention Connection® Cyber-booth as a "directory listing" so that inventors seeking licensees, buyers and invention service providers can find you. Your cyber-booth can list your URL address so that viewers can then go visit your web page for additional information.

    As you're probably already aware, having a web site is not a replacement for conventional marketing. You still need to advertise and promote your web site and services in targeted real-life mediums that bring prospects to you.

    That's where the Invention Connection® comes in. It is a targeted medium for your company to promote its services, or to let inventors know that you're looking for inventions. Our specialized web site continues to do conventional marketing to the same audiences that have been coming to the Invention Convention® trade show over the past 12 years. Audiences that know the high quality of our services.

    Yet the Invention Connection® cyber show offers many advantages over other traditional marketing vehicles. Whereas in magazines you pay thousands of dollars for a full page color ad for just one time publishing, on the Invention Connection® your full page color "cyber-booth" ad stays up for one or two full years. Whereas exhibiting in the trade show lasts just 3-4 days, now our audiences have access to your ad on the Invention Connection® Cyberspace Convention 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.


    Advertising campaigns usually try to reach their markets through as many mediums as possible. So if in comparison, you purchased an ad in a magazine, does that mean that you should just run one ad in one magazine and not buy ads from other magazines? If you bought a billboard ad, should you just display one billboard ad? If you purchase a TV spot, would you buy just one spot on one channel for one day? Of course not, most of us know that targeted repetition and diversification are key in marketing campaign strategies.

    The Invention Connection® is a specialized and targeted venue to help you reach prospects that would buy or need your very specific services. It's a cyber-trade-show, meaning that it is not retail, it's business to business.

    If the particular mall is one of these venues and delivers the kind of audience that you're seeking, then that's great. But you'll still probably want to consider other venues as part of your marketing effort to reach as many prospects as possible.

    My personal opinion is that in general, malls offer too broad and generic an audience for professionals and companies in the intellectual property field. I see these popular malls as "generic". Even if they have a million hits per day, I say so what? The mall promotes the general nature of the mall to consumers, it's a site of everything for everybody. Most of these sites are retail oriented sites targeted to the general public.

    Are their visitors a bunch of consumers cruising around the site, and looking for retail items to buy? If so, what's the chance that an inventor will go there looking for specialized patent attorney services, or a manufacturer, or prototype maker, etc.?

    On the other hand, the Invention Connection® is promoted to professional organizations, associations, independent inventors or product developers, as well as VIPs in the intellectual property and technology transfer industries. We have experience doing this for 12 years with the Invention Convention® trade show. So if you're promoting your prototype services, patent services, or you're seeking inventions in a certain category, we believe that the Invention Connection® is your best bet.

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