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  • The real leaders of the world always have been men who harnessed, and put into practical use the intangible, unseen forces of unborn opportunity.
                      --- Napoleon Hill


    Dear Professional,

    We invite you to explore a synergistic tie-in opportunity for your company to utilize the year-long Invention Connection® cyber show as a key part of your marketing outreach program.

    Established in 1987, the INVENTION CONVENTION® became much more than a "trade show" and was considered a global marketing showcase for new products and inventions.


    For the past decade, the INVENTION CONVENTION® trade show event was promoted in TV, radio and print. Major national press coverage and promotion are the foundation of the Invention Convention®'s success and longevity.

    We're well established and known in this marketplace and bring this same dedication to the Invention Convention® on the web, which is called the Invention Connection® Cyberspace Convention.


    The Invention Convention® Executive VIP Advertising & Sponsorship Programs do this combining a variety of practical advertising, promotional and direct interactive vehicles to help you achieve a variety of marketing objectives!

  • Be prominent in a targeted and visible medium that lets your message make an impression many times over in the international marketplace.
  • Enhance your company's profile, products and services in the buyer's mind.
  • Create a higher awareness of your company and its special services to individuals and corporations that are in need of your services and/or products.
  • Your prime clients and prospects will learn about your specific area of expertise through this subtle but powerful marketing medium.

    Over the years, additional vehicles have been developed as natural outgrowths of the Invention Convention® trade show. Therefore a high profile program can be custom designed to meet your company's specific marketing objectives and goals by utilizing a mix of year-long benefits and marketing tools.

    Annual programs could combine participation in the Invention Connection® cyber show with other ongoing vehicles like co-op mailings, in-house mailings, articles published in special industry publications, web pages with banner links, logo links, and hot links on the Invention Connection® World Wide Web Site.


    The EXECUTIVE VIP ADVERTISING & SPONSORSHIP PROGRAMS enable your successful company to project the positive image that you would expect of a corporate sponsorship, similar to the sponsorships that you would find at any major event ie. the Olympics. As a VIP Sponsor of the Invention Connection® cyber show, your company will be seen as a supporter of worldwide ingenuity, innovation and entrepreneurship while achieving image enhancement and name recognition.


    Yet the Executive VIP Advertising & Sponsorship programs are economically priced to harmonize with any budget and are highly attractive marketing vehicles to simultaneously generate leads, recruit new clients and gain media and one-on-one exposure within the invention industry!

    A complimentary brainstorming conference can be scheduled to assess and evaluate your company's marketing needs to see if there's a match, determine which vehicles would achieve your company's goals, and verify if your company meets our qualifications.

    Please note that many of these programs are limited by their nature to a certain number of participants. Naturally, we reserve all rights to determine and accept or refuse which companies or organizations may participate in any programs.

    To schedule a brainstorming session, please contact us at: 1) e-mail at

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