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  • Market Profile for VIPs

    We have two very distinct, but unique demographic markets. ("VIP" Definition: A combination of buyers/licensees and invention service providers. See demographic definitions below.)

    VIPS TO DEVELOPERS: If you're a VIP offering vital invention services such as patent searches, patents, prototypes, mold making, manufacturing, distribution, packaging & design, market research, public relations, etc., our vehicles can help you reach diversified markets of developers in all stages of new product development.

    VIPS TO VIPS: As a VIP, you'll find that other VIPs offering a variety of services are also your prospective clients - for example, marketing agents utilizing the services of package designers, marketers and manufacturers, or distributors contracting with a public relations firm, etc. Additionally, other benefits that the Invention Connection can help you with is forging alliances with other VIPs, partnerships, and ad hoc groups to commercialize new products.

    Demographic Definitions

      DEVELOPERS: Entities that create and develop new products and technologies, including independent inventors, small and medium-size businesses, engineers, federal R&D labs, invent-to-order job shops, innovation and technology centers, universities.

      INVESTORS/BUYERS/LICENSEES: Entities that license, buy or invest in new products and technologies, including: business angels, entrepreneurs, licensees, manufacturers, manufacturers reps and agents, private investors, catalog companies, key department store chain buyers, corporate purchasing agents, Fortune 500 corporations, small and medium-size businesses, venture capitalists, distributors.

      INVENTION SERVICE PROVIDERS: Entities that provide services related to commercialization, including: consultants, design engineers, infomercial producers, marketers, market research firms, mold makers, packaging designers, patent attorneys, prototype makers.

    These groups, our main market focus, are continuously being fine-tuned and upgraded. These proprietary lists have been compiled over many successful years of producing the Invention Convention technology showcase, "Where Money and Ideas Meet". At this time the site is receiving an average of 3 million hits per year.

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